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Get Back

by 12Milly

12Milly is a talented and upcoming artist, who was born in Queens ny. 12Milly possesses a great passion for hip hop, rap, R&B and trap styles of music. “Get Back” is one of his latest songs and it is a one minute and forty eight seconds music video.
“Get Back’ starts off with a captivating stream of music hinting out the hip hop style that is flown throughout the song. Thus, the song is created by 12Milly in a manner in which hip hop lovers would get bewitched by the first flow of music itself. The wordings of the song are super amazing and they convey the story behind the background. The lyrics are simple, clear and very meaningful. At the same time, the vocals of the singer does a fantastic job in the song. From the very first second to the last second of the song, there is an alluring rap going on, while making the listeners become lost among the words. So, the vocals take the listeners to another world which is full of imaginations. Nevertheless, it is obvious that 12Milly is a super talented artist who can approach the audience through his fantastic voice.
The beat of the song further adds more color to the song. The vocals which 12Milly balances throughout the song is blended with the strum of beats in a beautiful way. The visual background which is so vivid and lively, perhaps let the song to project with perfection. Consequently, the visual is created in a thoughtful manner while being compatible with the words of the song. Therefore, with the fantastic strum of beats, stream of music and vocals of the song, it is evident that “Get back” is a bewildering music piece that contributes a lot in uplifting the hip hop industry of music.
So, if you too are a listener of the hip hop music field, listen to the amazing piece of work by the talented “12 Milly”.

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