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Gift Box
Emery Pulse
Emery Pulse

Gift Box

by Emery Pulse


Emery Pulse lives on Marco Island, FL and is originally from the Chicago area. She’s appeared in a variety of stage productions and even won a singing competition judged by an American Idol finalist. Emery Pulse’s talent is incredible. As a lover of 80’s pop, Emery is especially talented in bringing a retro feel to modern music.  Mid 80’s pop snares and synths can be felt throughout many of her originals. A hint of nostalgia and lush harmony is what makes her sound stand apart. Just like her music, her brand incorporates items you may remember from childhood into modern times for a fresh and sentimental feel.

Pop artist Emery Pulse introduces a distinctive Retro sound brimming with layered melodies and earworm hooks on new single “Gift Box”, out now on major platforms. Upbeat and refreshingly joyful, “Gift Box” is a must-listen for die-hard fans of 80’s music. Lyrically, this song is infectiously bubbly with an unshakeable sense of wonder.  

Guitars on the single are provided by Chris Camozzi, who has collaborated with Mariah Carey, Michael Bolton, Kelly Clarkson and others. Accomplished producer Brett Brown (Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker) provides percussion and co-produces the track with Emery Pulse.Emery Pulse mentioned, “As a fan of 80’s pop, she strives to bring a retro flare to new music. ‘Gift Box’ contains 80’s pop snares and DX7-esque chimes wrapped in modern elements.”

Fans of artists such as Madonna, Cindy Lopper, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry should feel emotionally-charged and precisely produced in this addictive new release.

“Gift Box” starts with a simple, catchy pop and great tone. The rhythm stretches in a calm and frantic way, floating about in your personal stillness, moving you forward at breakneck speed. It is exceptionally stunning, and the entire track is massive. A lot happens in such a short time. After the weight, this soft, key-driven circulatory section elegantly completes the sport of wide sections. It’s a wonderful piece of music.

Emery Pulse

Emery Pulse

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