Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by 12Milly

The single “Glock$tar” by “12Milly” is nothing short of an exhilarating and energizing breath of fresh air. The beat that kicks into it sets off a great vibe, and then what follows is a rather unexpected and wonderfully unusual melody and chord progression. The music and vocals are perfectly together in the track, and sometimes – it’s almost a hip-hop rap kind of musical art that’s incredible; If ever there was a winning fusion of inspiration and creativity.

The lyrics are beautiful, as is the melody in the verses, and then brilliantly – when it gets to the chorus, the promised land itself, I think – everything becomes a little clearer. The fog settles in some ways, so you get this song that embraces alternative art and freedom with radio-worthy, crowd-pleasing lyrics. Really impressive.

The whole thing is great, the vocals add a beautiful power to the anthemic and hip hop feel of the whole thing. The storytelling is excellent, as are some of the rhymes – a really good range of clever words and unexpected lyrical expressions. It’s a great lead vocal, a really strong voice with a confident and raw edge. All in all, this is a track you can rock out to and get lost in – rocking out until the weekend rolls around, or dancing the night away to get the ultimate holiday grip. Really good vibes throughout.

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