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Only One

by The Real BEN FRANK

Finally BEN FRANK made a love song for the couples. BEN FRANK is a talented hip-hop artist from Atlanta, GA.

BEN FRANK ft. Ashaki & Omolara deftly blend genres amidst a catchy, ambient and haunting backdrop, easily setting the mood for the unique and catchy “Only One” and quickly delivering a catchy, musically striking embrace.

“Only One” begins with an instantly catchy background and beat, then weaves in a perfectly delivered recognizable vocal line with dashes of that exciting element for the authenticity of the relationship. As a result, the bars consistently draw listeners in, gripping them with brilliant wordplay and flow changes.

The song executes with a unique element of storytelling and musicality, blending melody and rap and several features to keep moving dynamically. “Only One” was conducted with passion and competence throughout its few minutes of existence.

Underneath this, the simple music adds to the track’s overall strength – the focus and contrast, offering a simple, even subtle melody and occasional rhythm, are elements that work in favor of the release’s unmistakable identity.

Every element is well-crafted, from the stunning electric bass line to the sensual yet fast vocals and the amazing rhythm and melody. The whole has a real-time presence and is flawlessly produced simultaneously; You can retreat to the audio while realizing that this is undeniably a pair to check out on the gig scene.

the real ben


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