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God Knows

by Carla Esther

Enjoy being whisked away to the enchanted world of Carla Esther, the Moroccan songstress, as she releases her new single, “God Knows.” Carla’s ethereal vocals soar through the air on this alternative, African, and pop-influenced composition, which she wrote herself.

Carla Esther is influenced by a wide variety of genres, from the traditional music of the Arab world to the nostalgic music of France in the 1960s to the raw emotional strength of American blues. In “God Knows,” she deftly combines all of these components into a sonic tapestry that not only moves the heart but also incorporates tribal rhythms that speak to the very depths of the human experience.

Carla Esther’s music, born in the dynamic city of Los Angeles, crosses cultural boundaries to take its listeners on an introspective journey. “God Knows” is more than just a song; it’s a musical journey that gets at the heart of the human condition. Get ready to have your soul touched and motivated by Carla Esther’s “God Knows.”

Carla Esther

Carla Esther

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