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Watashi ft Akasha Rec


by Watashi ft Akasha Rec

In “Shiva,” Watashi and the legendary Akasha Rec have created a genre-bending single that defies categorization and sets the dance floor ablaze.

“Shiva” is an aural masterwork that can’t be pigeonholed. This track is a captivating medley of sounds and rhythms that draw inspiration from genres such as Bass Music, World Bass, Psychill, Global Bass, and Dance Medicine. A celebration of traditional Indian frequencies, “Shiva” blends in smoothly with modern electronic production.

The addition of Akasha Rec’s vocals is what actually separates “Shiva” from the rest of the pack. With a verse that highlights his abilities as a singer and rapper, Akasha Rec takes the song to new heights.

“Shiva” is more than simply music; it’s an immersive auditory journey into a world of hypnotic rhythms and mesmerizing sounds. Watashi and Akasha Rec have made something genuinely unique, and the experience of “Shiva” will leave an indelible mark on the minds of those who embark on it.


Watashi ft Akasha Rec

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