Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Doc Diezel

“Grandslam” is compressed initially into a sidechain pattern that ensures a pulsating, breathy, live mix, with extremely laid-back vocals from Doc Diezel that perfectly complement the summary synth. It’s easy to see Doc Diezel singing next to the beautiful girls to deliver an attractive production.

Doc Diezel is a professional singer and a hip-hop recording artist born in North Carolina, United States. Also, he is the owner and the founder of Loose leaf productions.

“Grandslam” is a great place to start for listeners new to his work. The hip-hop flow feeds off the energy of the music, so as the beat gets bigger – the lead vocals follow suit. When you see behind the scenes of this amazing track, you must also watch the full track. Doc Diezel’s understanding of the structure and his awareness of how elements relate to any piece of music creates a sense of unity and confidence.

Given the feel of that character, there is an influence or familiarity with the hip-hop flow and performance style, but not overwhelmingly so. The way the tone of the voice and the words intertwine and flow in a rather smooth and calm way, all add up to a rather singular sound. For the most part, despite the structural differences, this track feels built around a freestyle.

In terms of production, you really start to see the difference between those who make a quick release and those who take the time to fine-tune every moment. The beat sounds great here, as does the entire soundscape, but the beat is found to walk the perfect line between intensity. The details add up in a familiar fashion as the track progresses, making for something that feels much more like a mainstream release than the usual, forever-evolving piece of hip hop.

Clocking in at just over 3 minutes, ‘Grandslam’ is a fun, catchy song perfect for summertime listening. It’s one of those tracks that will have you hitting the button multiple times on repeat.

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