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School Of Thought ft X-Raided

by Jrod The Problem

Roy Shakked is a composer, producer and recording artist. Roy’s music career has taken many turns over the years. Born in Israel and raised in the United States, he started playing in garage bands in high school and started his own record label in Los Angeles shortly after graduating from Berklee College of Music.

Over the years, Roy’s music has been featured in dozens of TV shows, movies, commercials and trailers. Over the past decade, hungry to grow musically, Roy began releasing personal songs featuring his own vocals, often playing all instruments, under various pen names including Holmes (over 4 million streams to date) and The Bright Wild. THROWBACK is his first release as a family man now living in Tel Aviv, Israel. Weaving ’80s and late ’70s influences – acoustic, electro and electronic – the album is a melodic, groove-filled trip down Roy’s memory lane.

“PLAY ON” is the first single off of Roy Shakked’s THROWBACK album, due out August 2, 2022. Joining him on this adventure are some very talented friends from the US and Israel. Roy rounds it out with vocals, piano/keyboards, guitar and some bass and percussion duties.

“Play On” has a nostalgic setup with a simple riff and a hypnotic bass line and an intermittent upbeat beat. Its lines flow with a curvy weave vaguely tied to a primal subject. The consequence is that it exudes a certain level of character and confidence while reinforcing the hustle or work ethic at the core of the track.

The versatility and production of this composition shine brightly due to its eclecticism from instrument to influence and genre to genre. On the other hand, the atmosphere always maintains peace, giving Roy Shakked the opportunity to highlight his talents as an artist.

Simple bars and intuitive in nature, engaging to listen to and insisting on returning fans who genuinely want to grasp every syllable – this song promises a comprehensive deep dive into the domain of hip hop and all it has to offer. “Play On” has a classic design, full of creative curiosity that really stands out. The vocals intensify in these different phases, always settling into that recognizable recording style for the simplicity of the hook. Play On!

Jrod The Problem

Jrod The Problem

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