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Half Way

by lilKrake & Peter P

lilKrake and Peter P.’s “Rage Rock” will help you let loose and feel the full force of your rage. Listen to this blazing hip-hop tune, and prepare to be left wanting more.

The American team lilKrake and Peter P are in complete charge of their creative direction. They take a bold and self-reliant approach to production, handling everything from songwriting to videography without incurring any financial burden. Their hard work and enthusiasm are evident in all of their projects.

Lyrics in English, Chinese, and Japanese make “Rage Rock” a trilingual masterpiece. This cosmopolitan mashup highlights their various inspirations and worldwide allure, while also adding an intriguing new dimension.

If you’re interested in lilKrake’s engaging music and want to know about his newest releases, you should follow him on Instagram. The “Rage Rock” style is sweeping the hip-hop world, so get ready for some serious noise. Prepare to have your senses rocked and your blood boil with wrath.

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