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Oops – Festival Video

by DJ Redness & Vicious Vic

DJ Redness and Vicious Vic have collaborated on a new dance music single titled “Oops.” DJ Redness, originally from Tampa, Florida, is a true musical phenomenon who, behind the turntables, displays extraordinary skill and variety. He is well-known for his skill at reading the mood of the crowd and delivering intense beats that stick with the listener. DJ Redness’s boldness on “Oops” is on full display, as he mixes main room house stompers with deep tech and trap. DJ Redness brings a unique sound to the party with his groovy beats, catchy vocal hooks, and refined musical sensibility. With over 500,000 plays on Soundcloud, DJ Redness has established himself as a major player in the industry thanks to his collaborations with well-known names like Superstar Keoki, Dan Diamond, and Vicious Vic. The music of “Oops” by DJ Redness is a journey into the realms of the bold, forceful, and energizing.


DJ Redness & Vicious Vic

DJ Redness & Vicious Vic

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