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Han-Solo Freestlye

by AresAduu

AresAduu released his latest single “Han-Solo Freestyle” which is a two minutes thirty-two seconds music video. Aresaduu was born and raised in the UK, Britain. His music styles are namely rap, hip-hop, R & B and Trap and his music video ‘Han-solo Freestyle’ comes as a blend of Rap and Hip-hop styles of music.
The song starts with a good piece of music which is perfectly blended with an amazing stream of beats. The stream of beats helps to stimulate energy within the listeners from the beginning of the song itself. The rap which is played at the beginning of the song is extremely powerful and works in tandem with the beat. Every lyric of the track is so meaningful and thoughtful. It makes this lyrical video catchier and more captivating. Thus we can say that this production by AresAduu is embedded with perfect song writing. Towards the middle of the song the singer does a sudden shift and it successfully awakens the listeners in a positive manner.
So “Han-Solo Freestyle” is an awesome track which arouses the taste of rap and hip-hop music among the music fans. It is true that the brilliant song writing of this rap elevates the vocal lines and the structure of this production. The vocals of the singer is also something that should be highly appreciated. Not every voice has the ability to catch the ears of the listeners. But here, AresAduu is really successful in balancing his voice throughout the song. His voice actually works in tandem with the rap and the beat in an excellent manner. Therefore it is indeed true that this production is a cool production which you will have on repeating with its addictive set of words and styles.

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