Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Don Kaneen

Don Kaneen is a talented artist with a deep appreciation for music of all genres and implements different sounds in everything he creates. The artist moves things around once more with his newest single enabling him to create a great blend with hip-hop and R&B traits to a much larger audience. Don Kaneen is all set to expand his mastery, with this riveting, distinct release. “Hardtop” is an amazing production with some of Kaneen’s finest raps yet, doling out personal observation and intensely performing the masterpiece. More importantly, the wordplay is refreshed with wit and wisdom and his brilliant storytelling can carry the listeners on an amazing exploration in 2:41 minutes. The track is also well-paced and incredibly stunning to relish. Kaneen’s singular position in rap music remains a source of inspiration as well as in this production.

Subsequently this fantastic release, “Hardtop” led the artist into a new chapter of his musical journey, while adding further limelight to his previous music outputs. Further, the production work of the song is flawless, its undeniably realistic quality perfectly heightens with the lyrical accuracy. Short but remarkably ingenious. This track presents a rational aspect of life to explore, with its finer facts laying in wait for further listens. This is rare, complex music that requires re-listening. “Hardtop” may appear ordinary at first, particularly if you are expecting a dubstep masterwork. However, this track grows on you given honesty and scrutiny – the kind of attention that the artist has received through years of constant grandeur. Don Kaneen is on top of the cliff as one of the most gifted and influential artists in the modern era. However, to the mainstream, Don Kaneen is still mysterious, unknown and a jewel covered in plain sight. Nevertheless “Hardtop” is one of the most unique releases you are likely to hear in 2022 proving the artist’s mastery to the world in an outstanding way.

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