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theAlienz ft Gemini, AQ8, c-Murder
theAlienz ft Gemini, AQ8, c-Murder


by theAlienz ft Gemini, AQ8, c-Murder

The new single “Happy” by theAlienz, a band headquartered in Los Angeles, is destined to explode onto the music scene. Pop, K-pop, hip-hop, easy listening, rock, and electronic dance music all find a home in this eclectic ensemble featuring lead singer Teen Gemini, AQ8, and Cmndr.

Listeners all around the galaxy have taken notice of theAlienz thanks to their distinctive style and profundity. In “Happy,” a song that captures the spirit of happiness and optimism, their combined musical talents and skill show through.

TheAlienz create a sound that is both contagious and uplifting, drawing on influences from each member’s unique experiences. “Happy” is a joyous ode to life and the transformative power of music, from the infectious beats to Teen Gemini’s heartfelt vocals.

Take a trip with theAlienz through their colorful and varied musical cosmos as they push the limits of genre and develop their own distinctive style. Feel the joy that their music gives and be ready to dance!


theAlienz ft Gemini, AQ8, c-Murder

theAlienz ft Gemini, AQ8, c-Murder

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