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View From A Bridge

by Yuri Cosmonaut

Swiss electronic musician Yuri Cosmonaut releases his latest album, “View From A Bridge.” This intriguing cover of Kim Wilde’s 1982 classic demonstrates Yuri Cosmonaut’s singular musical approach and imaginative flair while remaining faithful to the original’s infectious hooks.

Yuri Cosmonaut’s “View From A Bridge” is a landmark in his oeuvre. Together with Zurich’s DJ Boost, he worked on an electroclash collaboration titled “Chekov & Gagarin,” releasing a rendition of the song as a single on EMI Records in 2004. The song became popular, and a music video for it was shown on VIVA Music Channel.

Now, over twenty years later, Yuri Cosmonaut is back with his own version of “View From A Bridge.” This updated version exemplifies his development as a musician and his dedication to creating innovative, engaging electronic music.

Come along with Yuri Cosmonaut as he takes a modern spin on the classic “View From A Bridge” and takes you on a musical journey. Allow yourself to be taken to other audio dimensions by the fascinating beats and original soundscapes. The new album by Yuri Cosmonaut is an opportunity to appreciate the development of electronic music.

Yuri Cosmonaut

Yuri Cosmonaut

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