Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by The Alienz

Infectious happiness awaits you with “Happy” by theAlienz, a band from outer space that has just landed on Earth. TheAlienz are here to share their extraterrestrial sound, a fusion of pop, rock, EDM, soul, techno, and easy listening.

TheAlienz, led by Gemini, a 15-year-old Eurasian adolescent with extraordinary skill, are a breath of new air in the competitive world of popular music. They’re from Los Angeles, California, and their spacey sound is making them famous.

The infectious rhythms of “Happy” will make you feel good and want to dance. TheAlienz are out to spread their new space music to the world, and their infectious hooks and emotive singing are ready to take you on a trip to the stars.

Keep an ear out for future releases from theAlienz, who continue to impress with their original music. Inhale in the alien sounds of theAlienz and prepare to feel “Happy.”

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