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Heaven and Paradise
3D The Boss
3D The Boss

Heaven and Paradise

by 3D The Boss

The classic sound of the 3D boss’s comes from a deep place. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Atlanta Pop/R&B Trio 3D The Boss explores the essence of true love and vulnerability in relationship with oneself, others, and the collective in the new music video “Heaven and Paradise”. This band that sings the song “My Heaven and Paradise is with you” transcends the subjective, harmonious, R&B. “Heaven and Paradise” is taken from 3D The Boss’s award-winning album “Push It”. 3D The Boss is the official ambassador for YourDay Balance Game ‘YDBG’. Every member of 3D The Boss is a balance trainer.

3D THE BOSS is an R&B Pop and funk band from Atlanta, GE that uses original music to empower our listeners to lead a healthier lifestyle. There are 3 members in this band. The first member is C. Lei has been performing as an award-winning jazz artist for over 25 years. As a certified balanced lifestyle trainer, Chanda recruits only a handful of aspiring artists at a time. And, Day Adeogba has been a personal trainer, personal development coach, and speaker for over 23 years. Finally Lady Bass i.e. Donna Hawkins has been playing bass for over 30 years. Best described as ‘music to raise your vibration’, 3D The Boss’s members are all trained musicians and professional trainers, serving musicians and other creators, each band bringing a resource of wisdom and talent to the table.

The “Heaven and Paradise” video begins with the reunion of souls gathering for food, drink, and friendship. This was filmed at the home of a very close friend of the band who had been hospitalized for a long time with Kovid-19 and is now recovering. In this track and video, the emerging team reflects on what really matters in life; True relationship, trust, and interdependence. Download the ‘YDBG’ app and start watching today at and stay with 3D THE BOSS.

3D The Boss

3D The Boss

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