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Communion Song

by More Rain

“More Rain” is the moniker for worship songs by Daniel Moraine Smith with the goal to lead others into Christ-centred worship. Each song is created with the desire to express simple, authentic, and Christ-centred adoration for God. Daniel (Dan) leads worship regularly and serves in his local church’s various ministries. “Growing up in the church I have always felt a deep connection to God through worship. I can recall services as a youth just singing endlessly about God’s greatness and feeling His presence in those moments. This desire for God’s presence and to bless His name in worship is what fuels the songs of More Rain.”

It is no surprise that More Rain does an exceptional job of making the significantly simple melody and composition glisten with his dreamy wordplay in his new release, “Communion Song”. “Communion Song” is not just gloriously written, but it also conveys a powerful message. The song falls into a more unique category of music for More Rain. Moreover, this song is an absolute delight to listen to and think about. In a way, “Communion Song” is a very simple but sentimental sonical moment that grows with the perfect timing. More Rain’s vocals are stunning as always and enhance the mood and tone of the song.

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