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Jade The Nightmare, a musician located in Denver, is known for blending musical styles in her recent EP, “Hellmouth.” Jade The Nightmare’s music has morphed from her previous styles (Nu metal, Progressive rock, and rap) into something altogether new and fascinating.

In “Hellmouth,” she takes listeners on an entrancing trip that explores the mysterious idea of attraction turning into pain in a very human way. The song’s evocative melody and deep lyrics capture the feeling of being captivated to something magnificent only to discover the hidden intricacies lying under the surface.

Some of the styles used into Jade The Nightmare’s work include nu-metal, goth hop, and avant-garde, among others. She stands out as an artist who isn’t afraid to investigate the darker sides of humanity through her investigation of topics like occultism, spirituality, and euphoria.

As she moves forward with her solo career, “Hellmouth” stands as a potent demonstration of her artistic prowess and a window into the mysterious and dark world she imagines and brings to life through her music.

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