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by Sun Raven

Sun Raven, the brainchild of Australian guitarist and composer Stephen Murray, stands out as a major player in the field of instrumental rock. In “Searching,” Sun Raven explores an expansive musical territory that resists categorization.

There’s more to “Searching” than just music; it’s an epic journey. Murray expertly blends rock, metal, and progressive rock within its instrumental framework, taking the listener on an adventure.

The extraordinary style of “Searching” is its greatest strength. Through a guitar playthrough and improv, Sun Raven gives an inside look at his musical prowess. You can see as the musician’s deft fingers turn your feelings into music.

The dedication of Stephen Murray, a rock/metal guitarist and songwriter, shines through in every aspect of his work. In addition to being a great song, “Searching” is a powerful statement about pushing the limits of music.

You can find “Searching” on Sun Raven’s debut album, “Liberation,” which is now available on all of your favorite streaming services. It’s an invitation to enter Sun Raven’s world, where guitar-driven instrumental rock has become a universal language of emotion.

Sun Raven

Sun Raven

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