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Hey Mister


New single “Hello Mister” by Tel Aviv-based solo artist, composer, and producer PANDTN (Progress and Transformation). The song combines Vladimir Levintovich’s trademark post-punk sound with emotionally deep lyrics, making it a fitting addition to the gothic subgenre. It has just been released on Spotify and the other major streaming services.

PANDTN draws influence from alternative rock and new wave pioneers of the 1980s; his music is characterized by a gloomy, brooding atmosphere achieved through the use of staccato guitars and analog synths. The musician has been creating music for 25 years, and in 2022, thanks to improvements in home recording technology, he released his first album as a solo artist.

Post-punk and gothic music enthusiasts will love “Hello Mister,” the newest addition to PANDTN’s discography. If you want to hear PANDTN at his creative best, you should check out his other singles and remixes.


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