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I'm Only Half
Timothy Chase
Timothy Chase

I’m Only Half

by Timothy Chase

I’m Only Half is the debut single from Woonsocket, Rhode Island’s own Timothy Chase, a singer-songwriter with a lot of heart. This new tune is a stunning example of Timothy’s musical talent and lyrical prowess. The song, written by and featuring Selena Gomez, examines the universal but painful experience of feeling unfinished in the absence of a significant other.

The acoustic “I’m Only Half” perfectly encapsulates the essence of Timothy’s music, which is honest, genuine, and authentic. You may listen to the music on his YouTube channel, but the video isn’t available because of copyright constraints.

The music of Timothy Chase is a reflection of his dedication to songwriting and storytelling. His songwriting is unparalleled in its ability to portray nuanced feelings, and “I’m Only Half” is no exception. Put your feet up, unwind, and allow Timothy’s music to carry you away to a place of longing, discovery, and love.

Timothy Chase

Timothy Chase

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