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by Slimm Shad

Slimm Shad, an independent musician who was born in Florida and reared in the District of Columbia, is making waves with his new track, “Hmmm.” Slimm Shad is unique among musicians because of the way he fuses his Southern upbringing and East Coast vigor. The end product is a refreshingly original aesthetic that fuses traditional features with modern concepts.

Because of his genuineness and adaptability, Slimm Shad has gained respect from his contemporaries and a steadily expanding fan base. His stories have a wider reach than those of other musicians because of how easily they may be related to. Slimm Shad’s third track from his debut album, Hmmm, shows that he has no intention of staying inside the confines of the genre.

As Slimm Shad works through the contradictions of his upbringing, ‘Hmmm’ is evidence of his dedication to making music that surprises and delights listeners. ‘Hmmm’ is a breath of new air in the Hip-Hop/Rap genre, and it’s sure to stick with you.

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