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Time Irrelevant

by Center Mass Universe

Center Mass Universe is unconventional in the field of music, where timing is typically a major consideration in both creation and performance. Their newest song, “Time Irrelevant,” is a musical voyage that defies conventional notions of time and space.

Center Mass Universe, including Uros Brosic and Todd Krasovetz of Slovenia, creates music that blurs the lines between post-rock, trance, and electronica. Their self-titled album displays their skill at creating eerie atmospheres and complex compositions.

Center Mass Universe stands out, however, due to the depth with which they delve into scientific and philosophical ideas. The album “Time Irrelevant” is evidence of this effort to learn. The song takes the listener to a higher state of awareness as it progresses, where time no longer seems to be an issue.

The band’s signature style successfully marries human and technical influences by fusing organic instruments with electronic textures. Their songs touch on universal feelings that defy explanation.

As Center Mass Universe puts it, “We aim to transcend boundaries through musical portals, traversing multiple dimensions and spaces where time ceases to exist.” Time Irrelevant is more than simply music; it’s a call to adventure through the vastness of the universe.

The fourth single from their forthcoming album “Center Mass Universe,” “Time Irrelevant” was produced and engineered by Uros Borsic and Todd Krasovetz. This song transcends the constraints of time and space through its use of layered instruments, precise timing, and meticulous engineering.

Those who are brave enough to go on this musical quest will be rewarded with an out-of-the-ordinary adventure, one in which time is a relative term.

Center Mass Universe

Center Mass Universe

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