Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Jayyrich

Jayyrich is an Artist, Producer & Writer from the ATL. He is under his self-owned media label Blackstarr Media LLC. Jayyrich made bad choices in his late teens selling drugs but realised that this was not the path for him. So he changed lanes and started his music career. Now he seeks to inspire the generations with his music and production. Jayyrich once again put his skills to the test in his new release, “Holla ” in collaboration with KB SLIMM. The fast flow of the track adds a unique touch to this remarkable gospel rap and there is no shortage of it on this. Jayyrich does a nice job of working it in bestowing a powerful sense of motivation to the world. At first listen, you will certainly find the track a stand out, and with subsequent listens it will begin to glow further.

This track is tremendously as strong as you can get and has an uplifting feeling that evokes from the explicit lyrics. The lyrics say it best as the following lyrics are delivered, “You looking for the silver lining in the cloud. Cause you’ve been struggling for a long time yea. But your reward is in your diligence. So don’t get weary in well doing keep on pressing. Keep on going, don’t give up. Keep on holding your head up. Your times coming it won’t belong. That’s why we’re singing this song.” The lyrics talk about remaining focused and motivated no matter how bad the situations get. Particularly, the lyrics and the beat keeps the listeners attached to the song. In fact, This is kind of a piece of music that has been expected by not only gospel fans but also trap music lovers. Overall, “Holla” is rich with a huge message, captivating flow, and great collaboration and this is one of the best tracks you could ever listen to by Jayyrich, particularly in this genre.

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