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Hot Fever

by Elijvh

Elijah Daniel Perkins was born on may 12th 1993 in Riverside, California. He is better known by his stage name Elijvh (Elijah). He is an American singer, rapper, producer, designer, writer, filmmaker and actor. One person working in so many fields means that he is truly talented.

He was raised in a household of musicians and artists. Elijah, who came from a long line of singers and songwriters, organically discovered his love of music through the guidance of his father. Growing up, Elijah loved the sounds of Kanye West, Michael Jackson, Kid Cudi, RZA, Miguel, Prince and Santana among so many other artists.

He began writing and producing his own music at the age of 16. In 2011 he became known for his work as an independent experimental producer. Many of the projects of that year were released independently as well as demos from 2012-2014. He later released a number of solo songs, music videos, and projects under the name “Elijvh”.

Known for his forward thinking melodies, internal reference songs, film videos and abstract but popular impact productions, Elijvh always strives for innovative ideas that resonate with a large audience. Around 2016, Elijah also launched his label / collective “Spirits of Tomorrow”.

He released his new music video called ‘Hot Fever’. He speaks to our hearts with his voice. Absolutely he has a soothing voice. This song has a strange vibe. As well as the lyrics are creative and amazing. The song’s music is perfect. We can enjoy listening to this song. Not only that, if we talk about this music visualization, it’s like a paradise. When the song is beginning he sings in a beautiful land, that scene is eye catching. As the sun shines and the beauty of the environment increases, the Elijvh singing brings out a wonderful view to look forward to. In fact Hot Fever is really Hot. This one is overall a perfect creation.

He is a good performer. He should be proud of himself. Actually he is a multi talented artist. We can hope for creative works from him in future. He will do something for this field.

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