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Fear Not

by KOGMI Family

KOGMI stands for Kingdom of God Ministries International and this group consists of Apostle Makhario, Kenjah and Todd “ThroneMuzik” Johnson. ‘Fear Not’ is a collaborative effort by the KOGMI family resulting in one sound, one praise, all for the honour of the one true and living God. In December (2021), the single was released on both Spotify and Youtube.” “Fear Not” is a gladdening song that follows suit with amazing rap verses and melodic changes with lyrics praising Jesus. This track gives up a little contemporary mixed with soulful melodies, inspiring rap lines, all coming from devotees of God.

With a mixture comprising amazing styles of hip hop and fusing soul and gospel elements, this track ensures that no matter what your taste in music there will be something in it for you. “Fear Not” is going to set gospel stations ablaze with their epidemic hip hop sound while weaving together with unique vocals and influential lyrics. The spirited and fearless tune is a tremendous musical plea to the listeners to merely play their music. Confirming they are more than just gospel singers, “Fear Not” expresses their winsome virtue to God. Upon listening, you can attest these proficient artists’ vocal mastery is outstanding.

This track is a message that would not only reverberate with the artists’ generation but their parents’ age group as well. Hallelujah! That’s the initial utterance that comes to mind while listening to “Fear Not.” With the vocal expertise of the KOGMI Family, this single simply grabs your attention with enticing lyrical subjects about why God is the greatest and how he becomes the reason for you to “Fear Not” anything in life. “Fear Not” is exactly what the title describes. This is a reposeful beginning to a glorious opening project. Its seriousness, escorted by grand rhythm, vocal tones make it all a masterpiece. Overall, bangin’ wordings, and immersing beats. The KOGMI family will converge both youth and young adults’ appeal. It is a reviving sound to hear these greatest musicians of God singing so ardently about our Saviour.

KOGMI Family

KOGMI Family

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