Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Dement!on

Dement!on, from the United States, is a mesmerizing rap hip-hop musician, and he has released a song titled “How?” Dement!on’s latest music video release demonstrates the band’s distinctive sound and lyrical skill, entrancing listeners with their high-octane performance style.

Dement!on is a rising star in the rap hip-hop industry who offers a unique take on the music. Their songs feature heavy bass lines, catchy hooks, and clever wordplay, while the lyrics dive deeply into the artists’ own lives and societal issues. Dement!on’s music touches listeners because of the band’s dedication to storytelling, which leads people to introspectively interact with one another.

Dement!on, an American band, is influenced by the country’s rich cultural background and its unique setting. Their songs are autobiographical, filled with sincerity and the hope that they will move listeners.

The poetic trip through life’s intricacies that “How?” takes you on with Dement!on will leave you with questions and a want for more of their captivating art.



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