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I Could Be Somebody

by Dionne Sturdy Clow

Dionne’s latest single is the most promising so far, making her one of the most promising female artists to win millions of music lovers’ hearts. ‘I Could Be Somebody’ is a contemplation of infectious self-belief, the reprisal of rocknroll ego repair rhetoric wrapped in delicious lilting reflection – Dionne brings together her story of youthful emerging determined optimism backed up by Crystal Gail’s Nashville bass player Rob Price and Berlin Based Bafta Film composer and drummer Ali Reid. Infectiously uplifting and energetically building “I Could Be Somebody” brings together the best of rock-pop sound in this new offering from the 20-year-old Doncaster singer-songwriter.

This newest offering, ‘I Could Be Somebody’, echoes an unbeatable feeling as her previous song ‘It’s Your Life’, within the first seconds of listening to ‘I Could Be Somebody’, it becomes obvious that we are again hearing a rare top-rated rock/ pop production. The beat is impressive and ready to pack some punch. Then comes Dionne singing, already many listeners are captivated by this amazing artist, and it bears some resemblance to her previous single, with tones of motivation and enthusiasm. The golden lyrics, which are pleasing to the ear with their incredible sound and raw vocals are what make the song highly impressive. Overall, ‘I Could Be Somebody’ is the best of the three singles released by the artist so far, it is a song that is intriguing from the first time you hear it, which takes a second listen to become more enjoyable.

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