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I Cry

by Dr. Levy

Dr. Levy’s current single, “I Cry,” is another achievement in his already impressive resume that also includes entrepreneur, inventor, and pastor. Dr. Levy’s smooth vocals provide a message of salvation to this uplifting gospel/R&B mashup.

The official music video for “I Cry” has been released on YouTube, and it does an excellent job of conveying the song’s message and tone. It shows Dr. Levy’s tremendous charisma and stage presence in a variety of settings, from a church to a serene outdoor area.

“I Cry” is a moving account of Dr. Levy’s triumph over adversity and selfless application of his talents to the benefit of others. His ability to reach people with a message of hope and redemption will make an impact on his audiences worldwide. Listen to Dr. Levy’s new album if you enjoy soulful gospel songs with a positive message. As a result, you will feel encouraged and energized.


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