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Work it
Blvck Ash ft HC the Chemist
Blvck Ash ft HC the Chemist

Work It

by Blvck Ash ft HC the Chemist

There’s new music from Blvck Ash, and it’s sure to please your ears. Included on Blvck Ash’s latest album of the same name, this rap and hip hop track is titled “Homeless” and includes HC the Chemist. The song, which incorporates elements of blues and jazz, is a reflection on Blvck Ash’s time spent on the streets and the difficulties he had during that time. Blvck Ash is a vocal supporter of the homeless, and his music sheds emphasis on their plight by highlighting their struggles.

Video for the song can be seen on YouTube, and it contains equally striking images to go along with the song’s lyrics and message. Blvck Ash’s “Homeless” is a must-listen for any rap/hip-hop enthusiast because to his trademark flow and heartfelt lyrics. Blvck Ash, a rising star in the music industry from Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota and Chicago, Illinois, has released a new album that showcases his considerable talent and hard work.


Blvck Ash ft HC the Chemist

Blvck Ash ft HC the Chemist

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