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I Hear You
Grim Guiliani
Grim Guiliani

I Hear You

by Grim Guiliani

“Grim Guiliani” is a young and talented musician who amazes us not only with his versatility in both his style and lyric writing but also in his genius. “I Hear You” is the latest release of this real rap artist to all audiences out there. The first chapter of this release by artist and rapper Grim Guiliani shocks the audience with a raw and old setting throughout the melody and it is very cool.

“I Hear You” is a completely different thing, but the familiar sound of Grim Guiliani’s voice is equally genuine and easy to embrace with a level of passion and realism. The track starts with a hook, along key moment that spills over from the offset and wets you almost instantly with the feel of the song. As things go on, the intensity of the verses and the truth come true.

Once the artist’s leading voice begins, the melody strikes at once, and the character and confidence and style come instantly, presenting these undisputedly smooth and deeply heartfelt lyrics and lyrics – they do not stumble to such a high level. Always quality.

There is something very specific about using creative synthesis in Grim Guiliani; Maybe retro – like the old school game – maybe seemingly new. It brings you a unique sound and energy that is unmatched by anything else. On the one hand, these are soft and dream-like riffs; Delicate, their notes are minimal in use and can be memorized in the way any melody should be. On the other hand, there is this distorted, distorted, alternative synthesis, pulsating in the background, adding an omnipotent touch of electronic music and essentially creating something completely new and compelling to listen to.

“I Hear You” is a talented storyteller, talented and reflective artist who makes it a very productive and moving piece of music. The effectiveness of the lyrics is insane, so much so that you may question how you got other songwriting offers that now seem to have dropped equally clearly.

Grim Guiliani

Grim Guiliani

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