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Alles dreht sich um Cash

by M.A.C.Ten

M.a.c.ten’s latest song ‘Alles dreht sich um Cash’ deliberately takes the time to establish an expressive and meaningful environment around the listener, with a captivating existence of lyrical composition and a cinematic embrace of detailed, complex story and scene.

‘Alles dreht sich um Cash’ begins with a soft, warm instrumental melody and the steady beat of Deutschrap that slowly grows into a more lively rhythm. The track is the perfect showcase for M.a.c.ten’s soulful voice and captivating lyrics, and it’s easy to get lost in the mellow, dreamy atmosphere.

As the story progresses, we learn that M.a.c.ten struggles to find his place in the world and to agree on his identity. He focuses on music as a flow of his emotions and begins to express himself through his art.

The music presents an ambient storyline, the details of which are explored through both the lyrics and the way the instrumentation and the effects of M.a.c.ten as the track progresses. The opening few moments introduce a strong, confident, yet somewhat experimental piece of music. M.a.c.ten’s voice creates something completely new on top of what was already a pretty compelling and atmospheric piece of audio.

The track ‘Alles dreht sich um Cash’ is an ode to M.a.c.ten’s goal german Listeners. Lead vocals add an undeniable human touch to the sound, regardless of the effects it contains. This builds on the Deutschrap feel of those soundtracks. For the most part, M.a.c.ten is a short and quick comparison, as it gives audiences a fresh and creative sense of music and artistic expression. It’s loud and simple to listen to, enjoy and escape; Music has its own voice and energy.

M.a.c.ten’s music has a deep connection with authenticity and the listener. If you are looking for sharp lyrics and a catchy voice, listen to ‘Alles dreht sich um Cash’ today!

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