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I receive
Joanna Dykstra Stryker

I Receive

by Joanna Dykstra Stryker

Enter the wonderful realm of “I Receive,” a Christian musical masterpiece by Joanna Dykstra Stryker that was inspired by many well-known biblical passages.

The composer, Joanna Dykstra Stryker, is renowned for her ability to infuse spiritual depth into her lovely tunes. Her songs are like medicine for the spirit; they heal, they uplift, and they make you feel closer to God.

You’ll feel moved to contemplation and thanksgiving as you listen to “I Receive,” just like the woman who wept as she anointed Jesus’ feet with expensive perfume. The spirit of this moment is beautifully captured by Joanna’s music, inviting you to rest at God’s feet and soak in His love.

In the presence of grace, we are actually accepted and loved, and “I Receive” is more than just a song that reminds us of this. To fully absorb the music’s infinite grace and love, close your eyes for a time and listen without distraction.


Joanna Dykstra Stryker

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