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I Will

by Terrance Hill

Terrance Hill’ approach to music production is distinctly creative and experimental in nature. The song “I Will” encapsulates this concept perfectly. The vocal feature on “Terrance Hill” is certainly one of the main threads, but there’s more to pick from as the track progresses – even amidst this vast and detailed, ever-changing environment, there are elements of character and familiarity. It reappears and feels relevant throughout.

Terrance Hill is a recording artist and writer that describes music as his heartbeat. Hill is also the president and founder of Double E TV to showcase new artists and spread the word about their music. When Terrance Hill isn’t writing or recording, you can find him in the gym, working on Double E TV, and spending time with his lovely wife, GuoHua. As a founder and president of Glad Tidings Community Outreach, Hill looks to inspire the community with positivity and inspiration for all.

The soundscape is as stunning as the song itself, all softly captured to bring out the raw emotion of the song and draw your attention to the genuine connection between the words and the emotion behind them. In other words, the song clearly conveys something very true to the artist performing it, and this gives it more value than something written just for entertainment. I can’t wait to hear more.

Terrance Hill’s creative process is built brick by brick, step by step, slowly and surely – never in a rush, ensuring the best use is made of available time and space. This starts with a long introduction that feels like a simple but beautiful composition. Later on, things take a more steady turn, the song itself emerges from the subtle and powerful vocals and passion of the concept, and the vibe of the track envelops you more and more. The lead vocals are catchy, and emotionally evocative and capture the underlying emotion of the song with genuine poignancy.

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