Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Terrance Hill

Born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama, Terrance Hill, who is the founder of Double ETV, does not place a limit on just being the president of Double ETV, but he also continues his career while being a famous and talented recording artist and a writer. He describes his music as his heartbeat for he puts his heart and soul into every beat from his original music blending influential rhythms and lyrical wordplay. Being a person who has an immense passion for music, it is something typical to find Terrance Hill either at the gym, working on Double ETV or spending time with Guahua who is his wife; if he is not seen writing or recording. As the founder and the president of Glad Tidings Community Outreach, Hill’s mission in life is to inspire the community with positivity and inspiration.
Terrance Hill enjoys and follows hip hop, rap, R&B and trap styles of music. His latest famous music album is “Assertive” and his newly released work, which is titled as “Shenanigans”, is one from this amazing album. “Shenanigans” is a three minute and thirty five seconds official audio that arouses the interests of hip hop and rap music lovers.
The song starts off with a captivating stream of sounds delivering an amazing hip hop style of music. The strum of beats gets blended beautifully with the music flow giving a good start to the song. The vocals of the singer are quite amazing for they are clear and smooth. The manner in which the singer balances and tunes his voice in order to connect with the song should be highly appreciated. The lyrics of “Shenanigans” are simple, yet very meaningful. Perhaps the impressive wordings convey that Hill is an excellent writer who works hard to complete his mission in life. So, indeed, Hill has done a great job and has successfully made his music a perfect one.

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