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If I Would Have Known

by Nakai Only

Finding yourself happily lost in an ocean of amazing tracks you never knew existed is a very effective way to find out if an artist is doing something special. “Nakai Only” has been releasing creatively free (to the extreme) music for quite some time now, and on top of the audio adventure, his vibe and flow are incredible – ever so captivating and worth the time to experience.

“Nakai Only” is a great, talented and great artist from the United States. “If I Would Have Known” is his recently released track for all audiences. It’s not easy to take so many tracks down completely and make them into one that has a unique vibe and touch every single one of them. Nakai only has done his job brilliantly and as an audience, I am sure people will love this.

“If I Would Have Known” is uplifting and catchy, skillfully mixing electronic and dance flavors, the raw intensity of EDM with the soulful humanity of performance and contemplation. However, it is quite different from what you think.

The intensity of the music is as impressive as ever. Nakai Only takes the most EDM, dance music and sounds available and seems to convey some emotional depth through specific production techniques, even what kind of distortion to use and when to use it. Throughout the minutes that “If I Would Have Known” plays, there are walls of sound distorted by soft and dreamy puddles of minimalism, all of which add to the emotional reality and journey, all of which exemplify true scope. His ability is awesome as an artist and producer.

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