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Gonna Marry You

by Cruz Aaron

Born and raised in Ohio,USA, Cruz Aaron is an aspiring upcoming artist twisting country music into many different genres in a creative and unique style of his own.His family roots dig deep into country music and he is experimenting both country and rock music and twist those genres to create country rock music. Country rock is a genre of music which fuses rock and country and that is what Cruz has exactly done with his latest song “Gonna Marry You”. At a young age,Cruz fell in love with writing stories,poems,and singing which has influenced him to become an artist and eventually taught himself to play the guitar which is a plus point to him.Aspiring one day to be a professional singer/songwriter,Cruz has earned the accolade of “Ones to Watch’’ by Nashville Songwriter Association International (NSAI).In January of 2022, Cruz took the gamble to further his music career by working with Producer Ben Reno,recording his latest work at Majestic Ape Studio and Pentaverit Studio.

“Gonna Marry You” is a song that has a country feel to rock which is about a person who is eagerly waiting to marry his girlfriend. The song is fun and quirky, and also has fusions of Rock and Roll music as well.The song is perfect for weddings and parties as the music make those events swing.The song’s music is very uplifting and the song sets the vibe for a good dance.In a nutshell, “Gonna Marry You” is a fun, entertaining and lively country rock song that cheer and simply bring a smile to your face.As an aspiring artist Cruz has done a marvelous job by twisting both the genres rock and country music in a creative way to make songs like this.

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