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If Snoop Dogg Made Lofi Hip Hop

by Sticky Sessions

The song “If Snoop Dogg Made Lofi Hip Hop” by Sticky Sessions is a one-of-a-kind mashup of West Coast ambiance and lofi hip hop. This creative collective is at the forefront of the lofi hip hop instrumentals movement, and they’re here to take you on a relaxing journey with their original, mind-blowing compositions.

Sticky Sessions, a group based in the United States, has carved out a unique sound that draws influence from Chillhop Music and other pioneers in the field. They currently only promote their music through YouTube playlists, but they have plans to branch out to other major streaming services in the near future.

Snoop Dogg is a special guest on this episode of Sticky Sessions, lending his signature West Coast sound to the lofi genre. Imagine Snoop driving across a cannabis field at dusk, with the Los Angeles cityscape in the background. This is an open invitation to join Snoop for their second joint session.

Let Sticky Sessions and Snoop Dogg take you away to a place where laid-back West Coast sounds and lofi hip hop’s relaxing beats collide. Relax and groove your way through an unforgettable experience.

Sticky Sessions

Sticky Sessions

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