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What You Created
Jameel Patrick
Jameel Patrick ft MNIACAL

What You Created

by Jameel Patrick ft MNIACAL

Hear the dynamic results of the pairing of Jameel Patrick and MNIACAL in their genre-bending single “What You Created.” This energizing track fuses hip hop, metal, nu-metal, and rap rock for an intense and motivating listen.

Jameel Patrick, a musician from Cleveland, Ohio, works hard to make music that people can identify with. Jameel combines influences as diverse as Boyz II Men and Linkin Park to create an original sound that demonstrates his fervor and adaptability.

Jameel Patrick and MNIACAL push creative boundaries on “What You Created,” a song that is catchy in its energy and thought-provoking in its lyrics. Their willingness to work together on this project is indicative of their shared dedication to producing original, boundary-pushing art.

Follow Jameel Patrick as he boldly ventures into uncharted aural territory and provides ongoing inspiration through his music. The success of “What You Created” is a tribute to the value of teamwork and the breadth of human expression. Listen to this mesmerizing musical masterpiece, and prepare to feel moved and inspired.

Jameel Patrick

Jameel Patrick ft MNIACAL

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