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If You Really Love Me

by Shedrach Rowry

Shedrach Rowry is a musician, worship leader, teacher, author, designer, and songwriter who is committed to creating a place where people can encounter God’s love in unique, undeniable ways. He comes from Austin, TX. Shadrach Rowry is a worshiper, a fast-rising R&B/Soul singer who is a renowned Visionary.

Shadrach Rowry released his new music video called “If You Really Love Me”. This song really puts you in a very historical mind frame. The lyrics itself speaks the truth. He gives a great massage through this music track. The track slowly flows into the room, and the smooth and vibrant RnB singing takes us through a message-filled, verbal atmosphere full of meaningful, heartfelt and beautiful lyrics.

“If You Really Love Me” stunning hip-hop vocals serve as a potent calling card, and this contemplative and self-aware style of lyrics serves as a powerful catchphrase as well. Hearty tones and enthusiastic distribution emphasize the sincerity of the lyrics and make them more memorable. Meanwhile, the soundtrack is evolving to include unexpected fiber layers as well as various musical features that are not limited to a particular genre or single style.

An instrument of the church appears and gives spiritual legitimacy to the procedure. Shadrach Rowry’s emotionally charged vocals go above and beyond the performance. A lot of verbal diligence takes place here. This arrangement is unique in that it combines R&B style vocals with a more recognizable hip hop composition full of organic instruments. All of this leads you to believe that a live performance will be great.

And also he mentioned a great message at the beginning of his music video. Martin Luthar King said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. This is the real truth. Watch this music video. It’s worth listening to listen, because he gives a powerful and great message.

Shedrach Rowry

Shedrach Rowry

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