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I Am So Cool

by myxy

Myxy is a new production group based in London and Budapest. The production team works with a number of talented musicians and videographers to create music with a focus on pop and electro-funk genres. Their purpose is to spread a good vibe and encourage you to spend a good time with your best friends at home or at a party through the songs they were born to sing from your heart. There is nothing better than a project that does not take itself seriously in these depressing and negative times. myxy is not just music, it combines fun and humor with music, creating a perfectly matched product that will make you laugh easily on your worst day. Fascinating melodies, fun videos, and not so mediocre madness.

Currently consisting of two members, Myxy focuses on creating music that displays fun, humor, and good times. One of the members of the group, Mr. Malik, mentioned their enthusiasm for releasing their new song. They produce pop music in a variety of styles. Their goal is to create light music that focuses on creating that feel-good vibe. With their music, they want to reach people across the globe.

The music created by the artists appeals to a mixed-age population. They are honored to have the support of their fans on the journey so far. Their strong connection with their YouTube channel is a key factor in their hard work to create good music that they love and enjoy.

Myxy’s new music video is “I am so cool” recently released their latest song on Spotify. This single gives the listeners a Feel-Good vibe telling a fun story about a guy, a very cool guy that’s really determined at getting the girl he likes. The group’s new song is attracting more and more viewers. This song is full of funky fun vibes. Listen to this cool track on Spotify. This is a fun song, this will add a smile to your face. As well you can watch this track’s music video on their YouTube channel. And follow them for their latest updates.

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