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by AresAduu

AresAduu is an upcoming artist based in both UK and US ,and is predominantly experimenting with music under the genres of Hip hop,Rap and R&B. AresAduu has the potential of becoming a versatile rapper as his rapping skills are on fleek because he has got a certain rhythm and a flow which complements the music of the song. His vocal style is as good as a professional rapper as the delivery, flow and the clarity of the song perfectly sets the vibe.

AresAduu’s latest song ‘Ikaris’ is rather a song about life and life struggles. While most of the songs are based on love or breakups this track is more about life,vision and the battles one has to go through in order to achieve their dreams and goals.The song revolves around a young boy who has gone through certain challenges in his life and how he is trying to rise up from those battles in order to strive for success. ‘’I’m working on my decorum’’ denotes that he is working on himself to become a better version of himself.The word ‘decorum’ means behavior that is socially correct,calm and polite.It is an indication that the young boy had done mistakes that could be socially unaccepted and he wants to rectify those mistakes to become a better person.

In a nutshell, the song is a vision driven song of a young boy who is trying to overcome the challenges and battles of his life and to rectify his past mistakes to strive for success .AresAduu has done quite a good job as his rapping skills are superb as a young and novice artist. If he keeps experimenting with different flavors of music, becoming an artist of his preferred genre or genres would come to fruition.

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