Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Belle Miners

Belle Miners’s delightfully hypnotic latest single, “Dandelion,” brings up impassioned performance and poetic, catchy music in the shape of soft Folk/pop background and soulfully meandering vocals.

Belle Miners is an international band. Austral-Canadian folk-pop trio Belle Miners formed while touring Australia as a duo and opening solo act. For the first 4 years of their career, the band existed only on Australian soil, coming together from far-flung corners of the globe only to tour the sunburnt Country. One member is based in Broome, WA (Jaime Jackett), one on Vancouver Island (Felicia Harding) and one in a remote fire tower in Northern Alberta (Marina Avros). Drawing on two long-term musical relationships (Jackett/Harding and Harding/Avros) the band has thrived despite the seemingly impossible distance, touring 6 countries in Europe, Canada and Australia in 2018.

Cerissa McQueen’s latest release, which combines excellent and soulful vocal talents, this is a little acoustic version of their new song. We hope their original song will effectively merge various/different genres and musical styles to create a deep-running feeling of musicality.

“Dandelion” is a standout track from Belle Miners, artists. The song, which features fantastic vocals, uses only acoustic versions, gradually building up and allowing the lyrics, force, and emotion of that vocal performance to lead the way.

These three artists’ vocals blend perfectly with this version. The music combines simple yet guitar melodies with a classic laid-back folk/pop rhythm, a soulful hook and a solid and charismatic vocal lead that moves through several notable threads as the story unfolds.

What begins as a peaceful, warm, purposeful and wonderfully recorded piece of music and performance gradually expands and evolves into something entirely different – something more captivating, passionate and powerful than anything else.

The vocals are incredible, gracefully bouncing between notes and plot while maintaining a visible and undeniable connection to the lyrics and thoughts. It leads you to imagine that a live acoustic performance would be spectacular.

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