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I’ll Wait For You

by Sam Matthews & Alicaky


Once again and definitely not for the last time, Sam Matthews teams up with Alicaky and their new track offers an unexpected combination of Dance, Trance and strong House party music, catchy 80’s style vocals and Cinematics and Soundtrack elements! The most interesting aspect of “I’ll Wait For You” is the tone of vibrance throughout, stunning because of how cheery the countenance generally is. “I’ll Wait For You” features some colourful music touches, entailing cinematics. Throughout the record, Sam Matthews sounds clear and flawless, never fighting the production work. With the astonishing lyrics, Sam Matthews sounds honest and proficient. In addition to the fact how ear-catching the chorus is from an instrumental standpoint, it also signifies the nicest and catchiest part of the song. The tone, in a way, is entirely enlivened. Everything about “I’ll Wait For You” musically states both the artists’ mastery. The more that atmosphere sinks in, the more the listeners begin to hear love embedded in the lyrics. Moreover, “I’ll Wait For You” scores near perfect in every way, be it production significance, songwriting or music. The track melds a peppy electronic beat with soulful vocals in a glamorous way. More of a chill-out track, the emotional back and forth between the two singers keep you mesmerised. Subsequently, the track’s powers are Sam Matthews’ refreshing vocals, the retro synth-pop vibe that lives throughout the song and the top-rated arrangement. More eminently, Alicaky’s contributes her vocals to “I’ll Wait For You” adds a dreamy touch to the track. Alicaky enters in the second verse, magically delivering more flavorful ear confection. Her tone and overall charm of the vocals are fabulous. Further, with a heart touching and nicely penned lyrical flow, certainly many listeners will relate to the track. Stunningly, “I’ll Wait For You” features outstanding production, creating a trance/electro sound. The Synths sound runs magically throughout the song. The combination of Alicaky’s profound vocals and the calm yet sharp synths are simply radiant. Ultimately, “I’ll Wait For You” is well-produced and features catchy lyrics. Thus, it is safe to say, Sam Matthews & Alicaky nailed their newest release “I’ll Wait For You”.

Sam Matthews & Alicaky

Sam Matthews & Alicaky

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