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Doug Reid
Bernie Chiaravalle & Augustwolf

In Our Hands Now

by Bernie Chiaravalle & Augustwolf

Embark on an unprecedented musical journey with “In Our Hands Now” by Bernie Chiaravalle and Augustwolf. This collaborative masterpiece transcends traditional boundaries, merging the realms of music and AI animation.

Bernie Chiaravalle, a seasoned musician known for his diverse collaborations, joins forces with Augustwolf to create an immersive experience. “In Our Hands Now” explores uncharted territory, intertwining captivating melodies with cutting-edge AI animations.

This groundbreaking fusion of music and technology invites audiences to witness the evolution of artistic expression. “In Our Hands Now” is not just a song; it’s a testament to the boundless possibilities when creativity meets innovation. Join Bernie Chiaravalle and Augustwolf as they redefine the artistry of tomorrow.

Doug Reid

Bernie Chiaravalle & Augustwolf

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