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India on the moon-Jana Gana Mana

by Suresh Purushothaman

As India’s lunar ambitions reach new heights, Suresh Purushothaman’s rendition of the Indian national song, “India on the moon-Jana Gana Mana,” resounds with great pride and expectation. The entire country is rallying behind the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) as the gigantic Chandrayaan-3 project approaches its historic landing on August 23.

Suresh Purushothaman’s performance of this moving tribute song elevates it to the status of a hymn of solidarity and resolve. The metaphorical undertones of “India on the moon-Jana Gana Mana” highlight India’s commitment to scientific research as the lunar lander and rover approach the Moon’s unexplored south pole.

Suresh Purushothaman’s rendition of the national anthem encapsulates the collective spirit of India, honouring the unrelenting pursuit of knowledge and the infinite curiosity that propels our nation forward into the cosmos, as the anthem’s rhythmic chords entwine with the lofty objectives of Chandrayaan-3.


Suresh Purushothaman

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