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‘Jimmy Jam’ Continues

by Augustwolf

Augustwolf’s newest release, “Jimmy Jam,” is a fascinating exploration of the intersection between music and electronics. The album “Jimmy Jam,” which follows on from his critically praised “Visual Music” album, takes listeners on a soulful journey that expertly blends inventiveness and poignant songs.

The magical touch of AI animations brings Augustwolf’s original blend of blues and R&B to life like never before. Listening to this music will take you to a place where history and modernity coexist, so give yourself over to the beats and melodies. The blues and R&B honoured in this musical effort are those whose emotional force has bridged generations.

The combination of cutting-edge technology and skilled musicianship in ‘Jimmy Jam’ is sure to impress and enthral. Take a remarkable adventure with Augustwolf that will touch your heart and inspire your mind.

Fresh Release Songs


Artist: Jourden Cox feat Foggieraw and DaVionne


Artist: Fedd Winners

God of wonders

Artist: Drew Faith

Seaside Nocturne

Artist: Musical Stories by Joanna

Grenada soca 2024

Artist: Anthony KD