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by CHON$

There’s something completely amazing about this song “Jaded”, which is quite different from what the artwork for the release might suggest. The artwork is striking, sure, but it gives off a heavy or gaudy vibe—a far cry from the reality of the music. CHON$ combines emotionally powerful lyrics, angelic vocals and a unique perspective to create a truly unique sound. His new single and music video for “Jaded” reflects that.

CHON$ is a 21-year-old hip-hop and hyper-pop artist from Fitchburg, Massachusetts. He has been creating music for 7 years and perfecting his unique sound. His style mixed with his subject matter makes him a true standout.

The offset gives the song some smoothness, a spacious background with subtle vocals and a slightly familiar, accessible melody, making for a track that feels relaxed but still has some freshness to it. As things progress, the unique beat and soundscape begin to evolve, bringing in more elements that give the piece a distinct feel.

The song combines many elements from different genres and cultures, feeling like rap performed on a world stage with many perspectives. The intensity grows, the melody and rhythm become more and more addictive, and the whole thing strengthens its brilliance and longevity.

The second time you listen to this, the opening few moments of the music have a satisfying effect – the shift from the sweetness of that intro to the distant traditional chaos of that soundscape and everything else that follows, gives the whole thing a certain sense of freedom. Plus, you’ll know those lyrics and that classic relaxed English-lead voice from a mile away. The soundscape that comes at the end of the verses adds another flash of personality and helps make the piece stand out. A live performance of this track would probably be a big deal.

CHON$’s “Jaded” is an amazing song and I invite you all to listen and watch this music video. You will like his creations. Stay tuned with CHON$ for his latest creations.


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