Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Trap Ghoul

This new song “Vice” by Trap Ghoul gives some very good vibes right from the start. The lines around the key moment of “Vice” create a hook that moves very quickly into your long-term memory.

The type of hip-hop that Trap Ghoul presents has a rather fresh sound. He doesn’t just imitate other artists and doesn’t recall anyone else in particular – that’s great; With that voice being his, everything from the tone, the soft yet deep performance style and even the slightest hint of an accent, you know who you’re listening to. The flow of the hip-hop show is really easy to listen to, which adds to the summery vibe created by the music and the chorus, so the whole thing sounds so complete – every element is united, working in the same direction, the setting the same scene.

Some of the instrumentation used on this track is quite unusual, so even though the track has a very classic feel – that nostalgia we all crave – there’s a lot that’s brand new about it, which speaks volumes. It’s the kind of track that sets you up for a good time while setting the right kind of mood for summer. Some of those retro synth sounds are really effective in this setting.

The music unfolds progressively – it takes its time to hit, slowly drawing you in with a very confident kind of serenity. It creates a soft vibe at first that really grabs your attention and draws you in. When things are built, it’s not a wall of different instruments stacked on top of each other to present intensity, as sometimes happens, but rather, it’s unique. and a subtle touch of artistic expression – partly in the form of particular synth and effects choices.

The lead vocals enhance the tone of the music and are beautifully done; Relatively soft, but delicate and decidedly emotional. It’s also the vocals that are flawlessly and effectively incorporated into the mix, and really help the entire project wash over its audience in great style.


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