Hear it, See it Feel the Music.

Jednostavne Stvari

by Volžana

Take a stroll across the city to Volana’s new song “Jednostavne Stvari.” This Croatian performer fuses elements of Pop, Chanson, and Jazz to create breezy urban chansons and soulful ballads. Volana’s music is a mirror of her life and feelings; she was born in Moscow, raised in Zagreb, Croatia, and lived in the United States for a while.

In “Jednostavne Stvari,” she takes us back to her youth in Zagreb and shares stories of her first loves, heartbreaks, and carefree days. The pure acoustic instrumentation fit her “airy” voice perfectly.

The music video adds a special flare to the experience. Husband Volana, fascinated by AI, produced a visually amazing piece using the technology. The video’s style, which is reminiscent of classic comic books, has proven to be a huge hit in Croatia.

Indulge in the uplifting tunes of “Jednostavne Stvari” by Volana and be taken to a place of happiness and hope.



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